Rolando Peña

Rolando Peña, a visionary Venezuelan artist, earned his place in art history as a pioneer of multimedia psychedelics and Conceptual Art. Renowned for his extensive contributions to the global art scene, Peña’s career began in 1963 when he delved into diverse artistic media, from performance and installations to printmaking and multimedia experimentation. Collaborations with luminaries like Andy Warhol and Allen Ginsberg solidified his reputation as an innovative artist. His work evolved from avant-garde performances to a monumental exploration of the concept of Crude Oil, a symbol of contemporary art, scrutinizing consumer society and oil exploitation. Spanning Latin America, Europe, and the United States, Peña’s art merges studio, lab, environment, and street to create thought-provoking symbols like the gold barrel, reflecting societal contradictions. His enduring projects, such as the 2016 “Black Gold” exhibition at MOCA North Miami, seamlessly fuse art, science, and technology, leaving an indelible mark on contemporary art.