Félix Suazo

Curator, art critic and professor. In 2018 he conceptualized and implemented the educational program for the XIV Cuenca Biennial in Ecuador. In 2021 and 2022 he was in charge of the Special Projects of the Pinta Miami Art Fair.

His texts on contemporary art in Latin America are regularly published in several specialized magazines of the continent. He is Co-editor of the newsletter About Images, edited by Art Media Gallery, Miami, and Curator of the art space IDArtLab, Miami. He is the author of the books: A Diestra y Siniestra.

Comentarios sobre Arte y Política (2005), Umbrales de la Museología (2013) and Panorámica. Arte Emergente en Venezuela. 2000-2012 (2014).

Adriana Meneses Imber

Adriana is a cultural manager and visual arts curator with an illustrious career of 40+ years creating, developing and organizing various cultural events and supporting artistic endeavors. She graduated from Communication at UCAB (Caracas, Venezuela) and has a post-graduate degree in Arts Administration from Drexel University

She became Director-founder of the Museum Jacobo Borges in 1995. During her eleven-year tenure in this position, she developed a series of exhibitions and activities that linked artistic and social issues.

From 2006 to 2007, she directed the Museum Carlos Cruz Diez and later became the coordinator for Special Projects for IARTES, Caracas. In August 2015, Adriana relocated to the United States, where she has been organizing exhibitions as part of the I AM MONUMENTS Institutional Assets and Monuments team.

Some of her exhibitions are: For Now: Contemporary Venezuelan Art of the Miami Diaspora (2019) and Visados para la Libertad (2020), Coral Gables Museum; Botero at Full Volume (2022), The Doral Contemporary Art Museum; and Synergies, Geometric Art, MIFA (2022).

Elizabeth Hazim Castillo

Graduated in Pure Art, mention in Decorative Arts at Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas Julio Arraga. She taught at that institution for two years and dedicated herself to interior design.

Since then, she connects intensely with art and introduces it in interior design as the main expression of the environment.

In 1987 she opened the doors of Art Nouveau Galería in Maracaibo city, starting as a collection advisor and artist promoter.

She participates representing the Venezuelan gallery in important international art fairs.

In 2010 she founded Art Nouveau Gallery in the USA maintaining her firm Elizabeth Castillo Design Corp.

She continues with both galleries (Maracaibo and Miami) participating in Art Fairs worldwide representing renowned Venezuelan artists: Masters such as Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Rafael Soto accompanied her in her opening to the international world of the Arts.